Spend less time filling in forms.

With Flows2Forms, cut the time you spend on forms from hours to minutes.

Make digital documentation painless.

If you feel your company spends too much time on repetitive form-filling, you’re not alone. In a sea of documents and spreadsheets? Flows2Forms is here to help.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Do you have to fill in lots of Microsoft Office forms or PDFs? Or maybe you have to process them. Automate form filling and processing, leaving you to focus on your business rather than paperwork.
Image illustrating that Flows2Forms allows you to continue using the office programs you're already familiar with.

Ready when you are.

Design and optimise your own processes inside easy-to-use visual editors. Or we can help if you like. Changes are live as soon as you've made them.
Image illustrating that Flows2Forms is ready for use on a mobile phone.
Image illustrating that Flows2Forms allows quick and easy user administration.

Manage your team easily.

User admin and security is often an after-thought - but not with Flows2Forms. Administer your team and their access rights easily, and see the changes straight away. No need to wait anymore for overnight batch processes.

Keep using the tools you love.

Flows2Forms integrates with classic document formats like Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF as easily as it works with modern web browsers.